Getting Started Guide for Learners

Welcome to the getting started guide for SLAC learners.  As an Employee, Visiting User, or Construction Subcontractor, you will need to fulfill certain training requirements to work onsite or use SLAC resources.  This guide will help you answer the following questions:

Select Your Designation

Before reading further, please click one of the icons below to tailor this guide towards your designation:

Your Required Training

When you arrive at SLAC, certain training courses will be assigned to you automatically based on your designation.  Your supervisor or point of contact may require additional training based on the specific roles and responsibilities of your job.

Minimum Required Training

Employees are required to complete, at a minimum:

Non-SLAC employees are required to complete, at a minimum the following web based courses:

Construction Subcontractors are required to complete, at a minimum the following web based courses:

Assigned Training: The SLAC Training Assignment (STA)

Depending on your roles and responsibilities at the lab, your supervisor may assign additional training to you using the SLAC Training Assignment tool, or STA.  You will need to review your STA to identify and complete any additional training that has been assigned in a timely manner. To do this, visit the STA search page and perform a search for your name.  You will be presented with a list of all training that has been assigned to you, along with the due date for completing each assignment.

You are required to complete any assigned training with a requirement level of mandatory or supervisor required before it becomes overdue. Whenever you are assigned a new course, you are given a 90 day grace period to complete the training before it is marked overdue in your STA. During this period, the course status column will display a "Restricted Thru" date. Until the training has been completed, you must adhere to any activity restrictions outlined on the course catalog page.

Taking Training

Most courses are generally offered via one or more of the following three methods:

Launching Web-Based Courses

You can launch SLAC web-based training courses from the following locations:

Note: Once you complete a web-based training course, it may take up to 2 hours for the completion to be reflected in your training record.

Registering for Classroom Training Sessions

SLAC's Course Registration tool is used to schedule and cancel classroom training sessions. A SLAC Windows account is required to access the SLAC Registration System. You may register for courses using the following methods:

If you would like to know when a particular course is being offered, refer to the course catalog page for a list of upcoming dates. Additionally, SLAC maintains a training calendar that shows the times and locations of upcoming training events.

If you need to take a course, but no sessions are scheduled, the course registration tool gives you the option to join a waitlist. When a new course session becomes available, you will receive an email notification.

The Course Catalog

SLAC training maintains a lab-wide interdisciplinary course catalog that can be used to learn more about each of SLAC's course offerings. In addition to learning about course prerequisites, objectives, content, delivery methods, and duration, you will find detailed information about:

Keeping Training Current

The following tools will help you simplify the task of keeping your training up to date.

Your STA

At any time, you can access your STA to review a list of all assigned training, upcoming due dates, overdue training, and course registrations.

Automatic Email Notifications

Whenever your supervisor modifies your STA, a number of email notifications are triggered to alert you about the changes, and help ensure that you complete your assignments in a timely manner. Your supervisor will also receive a copy of these notifications to keep them informed about your training status. These notifications include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Training Records

Web Based Training(WBT)

Course Registration