Training Services

SLAC Training provides the following services for your Classroom and Web-Based training needs:

Training Administration

SLAC Training is responsible for the recordkeeping and reporting of all tracked training events at SLAC. Please email questions and requests to

We provide the following services:

For more information about scheduling sessions please refer to our trainer guide.

Course Development

We are here to support you and ensure that your Web-Based Training is a success. Whether you are developing a new course from scratch, or using an outside vendor to develop your training materials, we are here to help. We provide a variety of resources including course development, multimedia production, and learning management system expertise.

Requesting a New Course

If you are developing a new course from scratch, or simply have a course that you'd like to add to the SLAC Course Catalog, you will need to fill out a Course Needs Analysis Form and a Course Catalog Template

Please email the completed form to and we will begin processing your request.

WBT Course Certification

Whether you will be developing a course in-house or using the services of an outside vendor, we will help ensure that your course is compatible with our Learning Management System (LMS). We will also assist you with the steps necessary to make your course available in the SLAC Course Catalog and within our LMS.