Launch Web-Based Training

Before logging into the Web Training Portal, turn off SLAC VPN or Citrix. They are not necessary and actually will inhibit access.

Please Note: Microsoft Edge is not supported by the web training portal. Please use one of the following browsers:

For a list of system requirements click here.

Please login to our web-based training portal using one of the options below. Hover your mouse cursor over each option for more information.

  • You have an active SLAC Windows account

  • You do not have an active SLAC Windows account
  • SLAC System ID: Obtain your SLAC System ID by searching for your name in the SLAC Directory.
  • Training Portal Password: Email with "Training Portal Password Request" in the subject field. Include your full name, SLAC System ID, and the name of your SLAC contact in the body of the message. You will be emailed the password within minutes.