Web Based Training Browser Test

You have been redirected to this page to ensure your computer supports the minimum system requirements necessary to take SLAC web based training.

This page tests your system to ensure that you meet the minimum requirements to take SLAC web-based training. Items marked with a  symbol are installed and functioning properly. We recommend items below that are marked with a  symbol be corrected before you attempt to login to SLAC's Web Training Portal. Please keep in mind that you may need Administrative privileges on your system to install plugins.

If all your system checks are indicating green but you were still directed to this page, please verify that Flash is installed properly on your system by going here.

If you confirm that your system is configured correctly but you are still being redirected to this page, you may log into the Web Training Portal directly by following the instructions here.

Javascript is disabled on your system. You will not be able to take training nor test your browser's functionality until you have enabled javascript in your browser.
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