SLAC Training Reimbursement

SLAC employees are encouraged to continue their job-related education and training through classes, workshops, seminars, and degree programs that will improve their current job performance or prepare them for advancement in their SLAC careers.

Training funds and tuition reimbursement are available through the following programs:

Staff Training Assistance Program (STAP)

Program Description

The Staff Training Assistance Program (STAP) provides reimbursement of tuition costs, registration fees, and required textbooks for any training activity either related directly to an employee's job or career development effort undertaken with the knowledge and approval of his or her supervisor. Each employee has up to $800 per year available to offset training expenses.

The University policy for this program is set forth in the Administrative Guide, Section 2.1.12.


To be eligible for STAP funds, an employee must be a regular staff employee, working 50% time or more. STAP funds are available immediately upon hire for eligible staff.

Note: Faculty, students, temporary employees, retirees and other non-staff University affiliates are not eligible for STAP funds.

Using STAP Funds

STAP funds can be used alone, in conjunction with a department charge number, or with the SLAC Tuition Reimbursement Program to pay for class fees, required texts, and taxes. Please refer to the How Do I for a step by step guide to the Training reimbursement and payment requests system.

You must check your STAP balance in Stanford Axess before submitting the reimbursment request to verify you have sufficient funds. If the total expense is over the allowed amount of $800, there are two options for paying the balance:

Note: Taxes may not be paid with DOE funds. Do not use department American Express cards to pay for registration fees.

Requesting STAP Funds

Instructions coming soon.

If the request is for reimbursment for attending a Conference, please use the Conference Approval System.

How Do I

Staff Tuition Reimbursement Program (STRP)

Program Description

The SLAC Training Reimbursement Program (STRP) offer up to $5,250 reimbursement per year towards undergraduate or graduate education leading to a degree. The allowance is limited to regular tuition and recurring fees only, it does not apply to required texts.


To be eligible for STRP funds, an applicant must be a regular employee (not fixed-term) working a minimum of 50%, at SLAC for at least 1 year to qualify for funds.

The employee must submit an application to the Training Office for approval to qualify for this program. Supervisory approval is required to show that eligibility has been met.

Using STRP Funds

The University pays the institution directly. The employee submits the documentation before taking the class, thus relieving the employee of any out-of-pocket expenses (except required texts.)

Employees must provide the supervisor and the Training Office with evidence of satisfactory completion no later that four weeks after each course is completed. Such evidence may be an official grade card or transcript from the institution. If that is not possible, written confirmation of course completion from the instructor or institution will be accepted. A grade C or better, or pass grade in a pass/fail course is required.

More Information

For more information about STRP, please view the Stanford University STRP page.

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